My experience with Yeti was a little bit different from everyone else’s. I had the opportunity to be a student the first year and a mentor the third year! As a student, I was focused on learning more about God and my relationship with Him. But, as a mentor, my focus was ensuring that my students were exploring their spirituality and learning as much as they could! I don’t know how to explain the feeling I would feel when a student would ask me a question, or ask if they could talk to me personally, but that feeling was amazing! Overall, Yeti was an amazing experience and I would continue to do it and recommend it to anyone if they have even the slightest of an interest! I’m really looking forward to watching this program grow


From the moment I arrived, I was surrounded by kind and supportive people. Throughout the program, I met so many amazing people and gained a broader and more comprehensive understanding of what the word “ministry” means. Part of our daily schedule during YeTI included small group devotionals twice a day. It was at this part where I experienced the most growth as a person. While I participated in these small group devotionals, I observed how the college mentors led them. I observed how they asked questions and facilitated the conversation. I have continued to benefit from my time and experience at YeTI. Participating in YeTI equipped me to be a peer leader in Christian spaces. I am continuously thankful for the opportunity I had to participate in it, and I would not be the person I am today without it.

Victoria Pannullo

Influenced by YeTI, I am currently studying psychology and philosophy. My goal is to use these specialties to help others understand themselves and those around them. These fields focus on understanding human beings and their thoughts. If we understand one another’s perspectives to be as valid as our own, we will truly love and value one another, building relationships that we would not have formed if we hadn’t pushed ourselves to love those with differing perspectives. And through this community, we open our minds to seeing God in ways in the most unlikely places that we otherwise would not have been exposed to. My experiences at YeTI have shaped my faith, my career path, and given me life-long relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ.