About YeTI

The Pfeiffer Youth Theological Institute is here to develop disciplined, socially conscious young practitioners of the Christian faith.

The YeTI Summer Program | Yearly Service Program

The Pfeiffer University Youth Theological Institute is a center producing programs, resources, and opportunities for youth who are interested in analyzing the connections of social activism and the Christian faith.

Through the analysis and contextualization of world events, international humanitarian issues and marginalized identities, our youth will learn to radically embrace the work of social justice throughout their faith practices.

As YeTI’s mission seeks to be aligned with the mission of the university, our center equips youth with an embodied, responsive theology.

The YeTI Department
Is a resource hub for socially conscious, intersectional youth theology.

An impactful 7-day experience that expands participants’ understanding of how they can radically embrace the work of intersectionality and service throughout their faith practices.

Partnering with 29 congregations and 31 faith-based organizations, participants, mentors, and leaders engage in activities and discussions that serve to expand the participants’ understanding of ministry and invites them to consider their future in ministry.

Over the past 3 summers, YETI has welcomed 33 high school students, with 16 college-aged mentors, into its youth theological institutions and associated activities.